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Autism and Mental Health Support Services

A bespoke service supporting young people,
families and schools
What do I offer?

I work with children and young people alongside their support network to offer a range of consultancy, advice and direct work within the field of autism and mental health

Support Available
About Me

I'm Emma Taylor and I have over 18 years' experience in a variety of educational and family settings. You'll find me to be a sensitive and intuitive professional who'll be able to build on an individual's strengths and interests to heighten their confidence and give them self-belief

About Me

"My son was struggling with sitting still, noise levels and anybody sitting closely next to him. We weren't sure what the problem was until Emma conducted a sensory analysis. This was so helpful as it provided us with answers to help Johnny. He is now so much more settled in class and at home– thank you"

Susan, Johnny's Parent

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